Nirvana UK is a three-man tribute band coming from Birmingham, pronounced the best tribute band of the legendary grunge group by the Total Guitar. As hardcore fans of Kurt Cobain’s music, they have one goal – to continue the work of their musical guru. And they do it in an astonishingly accurate manner – from mimicking the Kurt’s timbre, through stage movement, to using the same instruments as Nirvana musicians. Nirvana UK will give you an opportunity to take a step back to the end of nineteen eighties and nineteen nineties to rediscover your youth or just to listen to phenomenal music on top level, made of cult songs in both live and studio versions.

Nirvana UK is made of:

  • Jez as Kurt Cobain
  • Dan Callaghan as Krist Novoselic
  • Jon Davies as Dave Grohl