Boot-Led-Zeppelin is the best tribute band of the legendary hard rock Led Zeppelin. The band travels not only around their home Great Britain, but they give performances all over Europe, including Austria, France, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Malta, or Portugal.

With Boot-Led-Zeppelin you can capture the emotions of legendary Led Zeppelin concerts from nineteen seventies – with all outfits, props and multimedia production. All that, plus amazing stage energy let this tribute band take the audience on a journey through time, ensuring top quality experience every single time!

The band accurately performs most classic tunes -from such gentle acoustic hits as:

Going To California or That’s The Way, to evergreens like Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven.

Band members:

  • Raff Achour as Jimmy Page
  • Jesse Smith as Robert Plant
  • Matheu Martin as John Bonham
  • James Watson as John Paul Jones