Close your eyes and you will think you’re there, Seattle 1991, the birth of a sound. As the tones of Alive and Evenflow fill the room, you will remember how you felt when you first heard Ten! As you hear classic songs like Jeremy, Betterman , Elderly Woman and Given To fly you will remember what Pearl Jam is all about ….The music! Pearl Scam is the UK’s finest Pearl Jam experience. Musicians have come together with one common goal of recreating the high energy live shows, with 30 years of music to draw from, add to that much loved cover songs, you will certainly have a night you won’t forget. Pearl Scam is dedicated to giving their all at every show, in every town, in every city. The band is comprised of some of the finest experienced, talented and reliable musicians in the country who all share the passion for Pearl Jam’s music and live performance.

Pearl Scam are:

John – A superb vocalist with the raw emotion to carry the range of Eddie Vedder’s melodies, roars and softness.

Al – A maestro on the guitar able to channel Mike McCready’s variety of soulful blues feel and blistering guitar solos.

Dan – The groove and unique style of Jeff Ament pours from Dan’s playing so effortlessly and accurately.

Burke – Has achieved the almost impossible task of blending all Pearl Jams drummers into his amazing technically true performance.

Jim – A guitarist who thrives on playing the fast-rolling riffs, soft acoustic classics and subtle chord progressions of Stone Gossard.