Originally Four Fighters were established back in 2003, by the incomparable Iain Angus, the original ‘Fake David’. Fore Fighters, in its various guises, have been the definitive Foo Fighters tribute band for almost 2 decades.

During our Foo Fighters tribute tenure, we’ve played many of the biggest tribute festivals in the UK, Ireland and across Europe, even shows in the Middle East & South America.

Crowds can always expect our live shows to be energetic, explosive events and the band goes to every effort to reproduce the raw power and dynamics of the Foo Fighters.

We perform the songs with an energy and passion that only true fans could and perform them in the same way you would see and hear them at a Foo Fighters live show.

On occasion, we are even known to break out the acoustic guitars and recreate the Foo Fighters’ live acoustic shows.